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Manavtawadi Samaj Sewa Sanghatna, Pune (MSSSP)

(Humanitarian Social Service Organization, Pune)


Many elements of the society contribute to help ease a person’s life. Keeping this in mind, people from the Education Department established the Manavtawadi Samaj Sewa Sanghatna (Humanitarian Social Service Organization) on October 14, 1994. For the last 28 years, government servants working in different departments and eminent people coming from varied sectors are actively working for the Organization. The Organization is completely detached from religion and politics.

Organization’s Objective-

• To strive for over-all development of people
• Help the needy with health services.
• Help people struck by natural or unnatural calamities by extending intellectual and physical support. To give them psychological support.
• Create brotherhood and patriotism among all people.
• Create awareness among people through national, cultural and educational programmes, increase cultural and intellectual levels in the people.
• To try to get the benefits of various schemes of the government to the members and other people.
• Encouraging players by creating passion for the game.
• To provide academic guidance to students.
• To provide kindergarten and adult education facilities.
• Providing reading facilities.
• To start all kinds of educational and social work institutions.
• Conducting various activities to achieve holistic development of members.
• Help the unemployed get emplyment.

Ongoing activities of the Organization:- Distribution of blankets, clothes and food to the foothpath and slum dwellers in winter, similarly, providing intellectual, emotional and financial support to the inhabitants of various ashrams for the last 28 years.

"Hungry people are everywhere in the world. But poverty is not just being hungry. Lack of love is a kind of poverty. There are many people in the world who have no one. By raising the morale of the weak in mind rather than the weak in body, by creating enthusiasm and upliftment in them through various activities, and making their lives contented, is the goal that Manavtawadi Social Service Organization is moving towards.”

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